Haunted - The Movie

Optioned and in Post-Production

It seems HAUNTED is now on the fast-track to become Chuck Palahniuk's next movie adaptation. Variety reported that the option was acquired by Brian Levy, who has launched a management and production company called New School Media. 'Haunted' will be their first project. The writer and director is going to Belgium filmmaker Koen Mortier (pictured below). Mortier already has a building filmography listed on the IMDB, but is most noted for his last film Ex-Drummer. Koen is on board to write and direct the adaptation.

Koen is a filmmaker not saturated by Hollywood. An outsider. And with 'Haunted' being such a tough adaptation, it will be interesting to see someone that might have a very unique and fresh approach to the material. What do you all think? Sound off.

director Koen Mortier
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Pre-order for Pygmy.

I saw a grand total of no one had mentioned this, so I thought I should give the news.

Pygmy, Chuck Palahniuk's new book, is now available for pre-order on Amazon. What Chuck had to say about it to a fan about eight months ago (wtf guys. Why is no one talking.):
I've just finished the first draft of a novel called "Pygmy," a dark comedy about terrorism and racism. The lead character is a 13-year-old foreign exchange student sent to live with a suburban, white, middle-class family. Oh, and they're Christians. The visit is for six months, and he's one of a dozen similar kids, all shipped to America to live with typical families.

The secret truth is that Pygmy is a terrorist, trained since infancy in martial arts, chemistry and radical hatred of the United States. He has six months to build a prize-winning project for the National Science Fair. If he succeeds, he and his project will go to Washington, D.C. for the finals competition -- where the project will explode, killing millions.

So far, Gerry Howard says it's the best book I've done. Fingers crossed for luck.


Get pumped. YEAHHH.

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Am I the only one not excited to see Choke? I'm a firm believer that Chuck has down the art of internalized monologue down to perfection & that just isn't something that translates well into film.