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Mafia. Werewolf. Cry wolf. The wolf game. It's got a lot of names. But why not? It's a fun game, after all, isn't it? Gather around, draw cards or roll dice for roles, try to guess which of your friends are stabbing you in the back. Maybe it's even you doing the stabbing.

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I am only about 1/3rd of the way through with Pygmy, but I definitely don’t hate it. More & more I’m actually loving it. Granted it’s a tough read, but that’s exactly what makes it so refreshingly Palahniuk; it is so stomach-churning, so witty and disgusting and “omgnohedidNOT!” The fact that the reader must take the time and decode the language in order to reach the Palahniuk-esquities is actually my favorite part, it’s as if he finally woke up to the fact that he’s become “mainstream” and instead of cranking out those half-hearted, quick-fix, transparent reads to appease the masses (ahem, Snuff) he’s decided to go the opposite route. For the first time in 3 years, I feel like he isn’t writing to be a crowd pleaser, to inspire the next blockbuster or to even be a bestseller (even though Pygmy is still #3, despite the endless complaints).

In short, I consider Pygmy to be both his gift to loyal fans and a slap in the face to the bandwagoners (in fact, it’s probably safe to say that one begets the other). Sure, it’s different, but underneath it all is totally a Palahniuk book in it’s rawest form..And so the real question is: how hard are you willing to work to get to the chewy center?

First Details For Palahniuk's 2010 Novel, "Tell All"

Chuck revealed that, while caring for his mother last year, he actually wrote three novels! The one which is going to drop in 2010 is called "Tell All" and if you thought Chuck couldn't get anymore original and daring... think again.

The plot: The novel will feature Lillian Hellman, a real life playwright. She is best known as Dashielle Hammet's lover and the writer of the controversial film "The Children's Hour" which featured Audrey Hepburn and Shirley McClain as lesbians. According to the interview, Chuck wants to reinvent her as a "larger than life Super Hero" and talk about her incredible life and exploits, as she wrote about them in her memoir "An Unfinished Woman".

I've recently decided that I'm in an abusive relationship with Chuck Palahniuk, because I'll keep coming back for more no matter how many times I get burned. But come on, the bruises from Pygmy haven't even healed yet. I'm not sure I can get excited at this moment in time.
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Thought I would join and as I have joined thought I would post to introduce myself.

I'm a pretty big Palahniuk fan, his book being the first book being aimed at a target audience for adults that I actually read and well reading Invisible Monsters as a 14 year old was pretty intense.

Since then I've pretty much fallen for his style and it's heavily influenced who I am and where I'm going with my life (studying professional writing in University next year to get into the publishing industry with hopefully the outcome of my own work being published one day)

I've read Invisibles Monsters, Fight Club, Haunted, Lullaby and Diary and utterly love them all. Need to update and add to my collection and am so excited about his new book, slightly sad he doesn't tour it round the UK though, London at least! Any other UK fans in this comm?

Well that's a little on me!

Can anyone recommend the next Palahniuk book I should read? Would also be great to hear your verdict on Snuff, I've heard mixed reviews and also Choke as a movie? How was it? And anyone else REALLY want to see some professional Palahniuk comic books out there? Look forward to hearing from you all!