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First Details For Palahniuk's 2010 Novel, "Tell All"

Chuck revealed that, while caring for his mother last year, he actually wrote three novels! The one which is going to drop in 2010 is called "Tell All" and if you thought Chuck couldn't get anymore original and daring... think again.

The plot: The novel will feature Lillian Hellman, a real life playwright. She is best known as Dashielle Hammet's lover and the writer of the controversial film "The Children's Hour" which featured Audrey Hepburn and Shirley McClain as lesbians. According to the interview, Chuck wants to reinvent her as a "larger than life Super Hero" and talk about her incredible life and exploits, as she wrote about them in her memoir "An Unfinished Woman".

I've recently decided that I'm in an abusive relationship with Chuck Palahniuk, because I'll keep coming back for more no matter how many times I get burned. But come on, the bruises from Pygmy haven't even healed yet. I'm not sure I can get excited at this moment in time.
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